About Us


Riske Ranch is a small family owned longhorn ranch located just outside of Lampasas, Texas. The owners, Dwayne and Jill Riske, started this ranch to escape the hustle bustle of nearby Austin and get back to their small-town roots. Having both grown up in the little town of Brenham, Texas they were raised around livestock and a farm lifestyle.

After leaving Brenham to pursue their careers, Dwayne received his bachelors degree from Texas State University. He then started an electrical contracting company in Austin, Precision Electric. Jill graduated from the University of Texas and holds a master’s degree in nursing. Dwayne and Jill currently reside in Lakeway, Texas where they raise their two boys, Jack and Ben.

After purchasing the ranch solely for deer hunting, Dwayne discovered a passion for longhorn cattle and purchased a small herd of registered longhorns. From there, he learned more about the breed, colors, and horn size that make them stand out next to any other cattle breed. As time went on, the whole family became part of this adventure. Jack and Ben love feeding and helping to take care of the longhorns. They love going to auctions and are excited to pick out new cows.

In December 2020, Jared and Kelly Anderson had their annual get together with their best friends from childhood, Dwayne and Jillian Riske. The weekend was fairly typical of previous years with the old stories, good laughs, and dreaming of the future. However, that year the dream became a reality when they decided to become partners with the Riskes in the stake of their family ranch!

Jared and Kelly Anderson both grew up in the small town of Brenham. As high school sweethearts they set off to the big cities for education. Jared obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, followed by a doctorate in medicine from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, and postdoc training through Texas A & M in Temple. Kelly also completed her undergraduate degree at UT and then her masters at Texas State in San Marcos. Together they moved around Texas, before finally settling down in College Station where they raise their three children, Jared, Julia, and Jesse.

2020 was a monumental year, a year that as a family unit they felt disconnected and set apart from those they love and cherish. It reminded them how unpredictably short life was and that they should never take for granted the opportunities and blessings that God provides. They love the Riske family, they love doing life with them, and they are so excited about what the future holds as they partner on this business venture together.

Riske Ranch has become our happy place where we laugh, play, have a good time, and raise longhorns.